Mind’s Eyeland Time 2 Genesis VIP AudioNFT and Cryptogetaway Package Featuring Original Soundtrack by Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident and EOTO

Today marks the next stage of evolution of Because of the Lotus’ unique brand of Neurofeedback and Mindfulness “cryptogetaways,” Mind’s Eyeland Time. The second in a quickly-developing series of one-of-a-kind wellness retreats is slated for May 7–9, 2021 on the gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The first Mind’s Eyeland Time took place just a few weekends ago on the island of St. John at Neptune’s Lookout and The Windmill Bar, home of VI Jam Fest. It was an extremely special event for all involved, and prompted this swift evolution and development of the next installment.

A small series of VIP “NFTickets” (tickets sold as collectible Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain) will be released, featuring animation, fine art, and original soundtrack collaborations between Because of the Lotus and Jason Hann (drummer and percussionist for The String Cheese Incident and EOTO). These ticket packages include a VIP package for two people to Mind’s Eyeland Time 2, a travel stipend of $600, a four-night stay in a cabin at The Landing Beach Resort in Cane Bay, daily lunch during the retreat, audio stem files from the soundtrack for remixing and commercial use, a one-of-a-kind painting by Pat Anglin of Because of the Lotus featuring scenes from the animation, a Muse 2 wireless EEG headset, daily one-on-one Neurofeedback training sessions with board-certified BCN, Moe Angelo, a private Reiki healing session and singing bowl soundbath with “heartists” John Welton and Lyndsey Stropkey, and choice of one add-on excursion.

The first animated NFT VIP ticket package featuring soundtrack by Jason Hann

The retreat will feature daily yoga, breathwork, mindfulness workshops, cryptocurrency and NFT talks, a live painting workshop, optional add-on island adventure excursions including an evening kayak trip to a bio-luminescent bay and a hike to St. Croix’s famous tide pools, a drum workshop with Jason Hann, and nightly music featuring both John Welton and Jason Hann.

Tickets for Mind’s Eyeland Time 2 are being released in waves, with the first including a series of four VIP packages. The first package (above), is now open for bidding on the NFT gallery Foundation, and opens at 1.75 Ethereum. Every time the auction receives a new bid, a 24-hour countdown to the auction’s end is activated. In the second wave, our General Admission NFTicket package will be released.

Painting by Pat Anglin of Because of the Lotus featuring the Moko Jumbie and Sugar Mill meditation from the animated VIP NFTicket #1

In true new-tech fashion, we had a hiccup when minting the first NFTicket package. We’re not sure if there was a breakdown in uploading to the IPFS, or if it was just a good old-fashioned ID10T error, but the AudioNFT uploaded with no audio! This modern-day equivalent of a baseball card misprint actually has us turning lemons into lemonade, and we’re presently developing solid IPFS storage options for all of our unlockable content. That being said, successful ownership of this NFT will unlock an HD rendering of the animation WITH audio, as well as all of the audio stem files for remixing and commercial use.


  1. Download Coinbase or Binance, connect to a payment source (bank or credit card), and purchase enough Ethereum to cover your auction bid plus gas fees.
  2. Download and install a cryptowallet that has a web browser extension, such as MetaMask.
  3. Transfer your Ethereum from Coinbase (or Binance) to your Meta Mask wallet.
  4. Create a new account and connect your MetaMask wallet to the NFT gallery (in this case www.foundation.app).
  5. Visit the auction link, and place your bid!

For a more in-depth beginner’s guide to the Cryptosphere that Moe wrote so his mom could understand it, click here!

Cryptocurrency and NFT talk from the first Mind’s Eyeland Time


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