Heartist Spotlight on “Sage Randall” and his Sacred G Breathworkshop and Crypto Insight at Mind’s Eyeland Time Neurofeedback and Mindfulness Retreat on the Caribbean Island of St. John

It’s not easy to figure out exactly where to start this story, and introduction to one of my great friends, Randall Pires, but no doubt the beginning is draped in beautiful Spanish moss in Florida. A quick note to add is that I have never publicly told this story (only to close friends), but it absolutely is a true story of how I met, and got to know, Randall, and you can take whatever you like from it, or not.

I’m not sure exactly which music festival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park it was that I met Randall (the early days of Because of the Lotus’ installation art were full of many festivals there that get a little blurry which was which), but it had to have been AURA Music and Arts Festival or Purple Hatter’s Ball. We met after I took part in Randall’s powerful Sacred G Breathworkshop, being intrigued by its name on the schedule.

Not only was I blown away by the experience I had while following Randall’s guided breathwork and accompanying meditation, but also by how much of the workshop focused on the discussion of brainwaves (my Bachelor’s Degree is in Psychology, and at this time I had already had the idea to connect biofeedback equipment to digital art, but had no clue how to pull it off). During the workshop, Randall leads workshop participants on a journey of patterned inhalation and exhalation through the mouth and nose at varying speeds. After just a few cycles of the pattern that complete in a short time, the effects felt by the body and mind are astounding. Throughout the breathwork portion, Randall attempts to have participants keep their eyes open as much as possible, helping the brain process more of what is happening. At times throughout the cycles, I would see all sorts of patterns and shapes in my visual field, similar to Eidetic memory, or vision, or what you see when you push on your closed eyelids (of course be careful if trying this, and don’t push hard). It’s like colored light, but it’s not one color — sometimes white, sometimes pink, sometimes green.

During some of the guided meditations, Randall references a “donut” quite a bit for mental imagery, and it makes this heavy subject of energetic flow quite lighthearted, and frankly easier to picture and understand. This flow runs through everything, and in reference to the human body, this is our electrical field of energy. The top inner fountain rests at the top of our head, and the bottom is actually a little lower than our feet.

The Sacred G Breathwork pattern focuses on helping the brain produce Gamma waves, the highest-functioning brainwaves that we know the least about. Gamma waves are known for being dominant during states of intense focus, and promoting grouped neuronal communication in the brain. During this dominant brainwave pattern, research participants have also been known to experience advanced states of awareness and creativity.

I left that first breathworkshop after speaking with Randall briefly, and thanking him, feeling a way I had never felt before. My mind was blown by the experience, and I couldn’t wait to do it again. Which I did, at another Suwannee music festival, and this time had an even more profound experience.

The second of Randall’s Sacred G breathworkshops that I took part in deeply changed my outlook on the energetic realm of the human experience that the mind is so efficient at filtering out. This time the circle of participants was much larger, and as you can see from the above picture (a later time), everyone is holding hands. At one point following the breathwork, and during Randall’s guided torus visualizations, I began to feel something I had never felt. I honestly don’t even know how to properly explain it, but for lack of proper terminology, waves of energy started coming up from my core, and what felt like out of my mouth, and I couldn’t stop it. These waves increased in both frequency and intensity rapidly, to the point where I was beginning to cause a scene due to my body’s reaction.

When I closed my eyes, I could not only see a vibrant Eidetic visual representation of my body highlighted in certain areas with bright circles of light, but I could also see a similar representation of everyone else in the circle. At this point the waves of energy were so intense that the only thing I could do to deal with it was to vocalize sounds that help the energy release from more areas. By now I have already gone through an ego death of sorts in a circle of thirty people in the middle of a music festival where I was working as an installation artist. At one point with my eyes closed, I saw the Eidetic representation of someone a few people over from me in the circle, lighting up and flashing rapidly. I opened my eyes to see Joaquin Antonio, another Mind’s Eyeland Time Heartist, trying to get my attention. When he sees that he has it, he starts making a noise like a “puh puh puh puh” sound while sucking air in heavily as his mouth opens, and does it multiple times. I realize it’s a tip and try it, and it helped move the flowing energy waves through quicker, and a lot more quietly and less embarrassing.

Jumping ahead to about a year or so ago, I came across some internet writings about a CIA document that was declassified in 2003. The document, titled Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process, begins with a letter from its author, Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M. McDonald, in which he breaks down the task assigned to him and his efforts to complete it. The document is packed with heavy quantum physics and mechanics (most of which is way out of my league), but basically states that astral projection is possible, and what stood out to me the most, references an “Energy Bar Tool” and “Living Body Map.”

The document describes the Energy Bar Tool as a bright circle of light envisioned by the Gateway traveler that can be extended into a cylinder and used to channel healing energy into areas of blockages, guided by the Living Body Map. When I got to this part of the document, and if it had been an actual physical document, there’s no doubt I would’ve dropped it to the floor. This declassified CIA document from the ’80s, that quietly released in 2003, described exactly what I had experienced in Randall’s workshop.

It was a true honor to carry on Randall’s Sacred G Breathworkshop at festivals when his efforts to dive into the vast world of cryptocurrency pulled back his ability to attend them as often. It is even more of an honor to bring this cryptogetaway full-circle, having Randall as a featured Heartist at Mind’s Eyeland Time. You can read more about Randall’s pivotal role in Because of the Lotus’ history on our first-ever Medium post. You can also read more in-depth analysis of the Gateway Process document at this article on Vice. You can also follow Sage Randall on Twitter to learn more about him.

Randall is also a core member of the Emrit team, a company develping “cool spot” Helium miners to help build out The People’s Network. He will also be presenting some of his knowledge in this realm as well to fully connect this cryptogetaway. Limited tickets are being sold as collectible digital art on Mintable.app (VIP inclusive tickets), and KnownOrigin.io.

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