The final NFTicket for our second Mind’s Eyeland Time Neurofeedback and Mindfulness cryptogetaway on St. Croix has been released, and serves as a build-your-own NFT to cover custom retreat packages and optional add-ons. The retreat takes place May 7–9, 2021 at The Landing Beach Resort at Cane Bay, and features musical headliners Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident/EOTO) and John Welton (John Welton & The Awakening).

The event takes place May 7–9, 2021 at The Landing Beach Resort and Cane Bay Campground on the gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. …

Seeing as though Because of the Lotus’ Mind’s Eyeland Time “cryptogetaways” are a very fluid, and “Island Time”-influenced series of events, additional details and ticketing options are being released on a rolling basis, as they develop. We deeply appreciate the patience and understanding of our growing community of supporters and “Heartists” involved in making these events so special, forward-thinking and downright innovative.

Optional Island Excursion Info:

Annaly Bay Tide Pool Hike

Hike through some of St. Croix’s most luscious rainforest on your way to the famous Annaly Bay Tide Pools as your experienced local guide shares knowledge of island history, plant and animal life…

The second installment of immersive and interactive installation art collective Because of the Lotus’ “Mind’s Eyeland Time” retreats takes place in just a few weeks, and the packed-yet-comfortably-fluid schedule has been released.

“Island Time” is a very real thing in the Caribbean, so of course the schedule is subject to fluidity and change (like the local waters and winds), but this general outline should help keep things on track.

Nearly all of the “Heartists” from the first Mind’s Eyeland Time “cryptogetaway” are returning for this second round, and most are further developing their offerings beyond that of the first.


The second installment of Because of the Lotus’ “Mind’s Eyeland Time” series of neurofeedback and mindfulness-focused retreats in the Virgin Islands is set to take place May 7–9, 2021, at The Landing Beach Resort at Cane Bay on the gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Croix. This quickly-developing series of highly-unique wellness retreats combines an array of concepts and offerings into one package, providing something super-heady for everyone.

The seemingly-growing lineup of musical guests officially will feature Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident / EOTO), and John Welton and friends (John Welton & The Awakening), but you never know who else…

Today marks the next stage of evolution of Because of the Lotus’ unique brand of Neurofeedback and Mindfulness “cryptogetaways,” Mind’s Eyeland Time. The second in a quickly-developing series of one-of-a-kind wellness retreats is slated for May 7–9, 2021 on the gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The first Mind’s Eyeland Time took place just a few weekends ago on the island of St. John at Neptune’s Lookout and The Windmill Bar, home of VI Jam Fest. …

Because of the Lotus is extremely excited to announce the second installment of our “Mind’s Eyeland Time” retreats, May 7–9, 2021 at Landing Beach Resort and Discovery Grove Retreat Center on the Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Continuing forward with the powerful experience of our first retreat just a couple weekends ago, this second installment will also feature Neurofeedback training, breathwork, yoga, mindfulness-focused workshops, cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Token workshops, and even more new additions.

The first-ever Neurofeedback and Mindfulness Retreat, Mind’s Eyeland Time, is preparing for its maiden voyage on the Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, March 12–14, 2021. The three-day wellness retreat is the first of its kind in many ways, being the first wellness retreat to combine Neurofeedback training, with breathwork workshops, and more fringe energywork practices such as Reiki and singing bowl soundbaths.

Campt St. John at Neptune’s Lookout (Susannaberg)

The ground-breaking retreat, taking place at Camp St. John at Neptune’s Lookout, is also innovative in the way it is offering tickets to the event. The limited-edition “NFTickets” are being sold as collectible…

Mind’s Eyeland Time is a first-of-its-kind wellness retreat, in more ways than one. It is the first retreat at Camp St. John at Neptune’s Lookout (officially Susannaberg Plantation Ruins) on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It also is the first wellness retreat to be combining Neurofeedback training, breathwork, sound healing, yoga, and more. Even more pioneering, it is the first series of collectible rare digital art pieces to unlock a getaway to a Caribbean island.

The retreat is a hyper-limited offering, with only 30 total “NFTickets” available. Five VIP packages are presently available as a…

It’s not easy to figure out exactly where to start this story, and introduction to one of my great friends, Randall Pires, but no doubt the beginning is draped in beautiful Spanish moss in Florida. A quick note to add is that I have never publicly told this story (only to close friends), but it absolutely is a true story of how I met, and got to know, Randall, and you can take whatever you like from it, or not.

I’m not sure exactly which music festival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park it was that I met Randall…

John and Lyndsey spreading their Musical Medicine

John Welton has been crafting his unique brand of “Musical Medicine” for nearly 30 years, not only with his band John Welton and the Awakening, but also with his trusty Nepalese singing bowls ranging from 200–400 years old. Reiki Masters, twin flames, and musicians, John and his fiancee Lyndsey Stropkey, work in tandem to heal in many ways. Mind’s Eyeland Time VIP ticket holders unlock access to a private Reiki/Soundbath session.

Reiki & Sound Healing with Singing Bowls

With roots in Japan and Tibet, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is derived from “rei”, meaning “universal” or “from source” and “ki”, meaning life…

Becauseof Lotus

Fusing fine art, digital art, and biofeedback with visual harmony. Creator of immersive spaces and experiences focused on wellness.

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